SDB World Federation 2017 Sessions    
Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Jan 22-28, 2017

Church Visits

Purpose of Church Visits

For the greater part of the week when the World Federation Sessions are being held, attendees will be confined to one location, Chacara Esperanca, in the city of Quatro Barras, near Curitiba. Since there are a few local Seventh Day Baptist Churches within close proximity to that facility, it will be a treat for delegates and observers to be able to visit 5 of those churches, viewing the buildings, and even getting to meet some of the local congregants of those churches. There will also be the opportunity to experience a Worship Service in one of the local churches. When Seventh Day Baptists from around the world depart from Brazil, they will be able to say that they not only assembled in one place for one week, but they also visited sister SDB churches in 5 Brazilian locations, including the Conference office.

Churches that will be visited


The route will take